Criminal Defense


The Attorney Times understands that individuals have limited resources to defend themselves in a court of law. Whether you are fighting a criminal or civil matter, your freedom and your future are at risk. Without an attorney to represent your interest, you reduce your chances of avoiding criminal penalties. Navigating through the criminal justice system by yourself can be costly, untimely, and dangerous.



Drug Crimes and Trafficking

Whether you were arrested with a small amount of marijuana, or a truck filled with heroin, the State bears the entire burden of proving you guilty. Contacting an attorney immediately will allow the attorney to work the case, and obtain a favorable verdict on your behalf.



Driving While Intoxicated / DUI

Under law, a person is guilty of Driving Under the Influence if he is driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle and he is under the influence of alcoholic drinks or any controlled substance. After being arrested for driving under the influence, a DUI case can cause the loss of a license, career or even more. There are several ways in which an attorney can help you. Contact us now.



Traffic Moving Violations

If you were recently cited for a traffic violation such as speeding, itís important that you take legal action as soon as possible. While one traffic infraction may not seem like a big deal, if youíre found guilty of committing such a violation, you may face monetary fines and in some cases, jail time. Additionally, multiple violations may result in the loss of your driverís license.



Gun Charges

At The Attorney Times we handle all types of Gun and Weapons charges. On January 30, 2018, the lawyer successfully won a Suppression motion after two days of testimony from several officers. the lawyer proved that the search was illegal and the Superior Court Judge agreed, suppressing the handgun. As a result, the case was dismissed against both the lawyer's client and the codefendant, where the original plea offer was a 5 do 5.



Batteries / Assault / Crimes of Violence

A person can be convicted of Assault and Battery if they actually and intentionally strike or touch another person against their will. You can also be faced with more serious charges like Aggravated Battery or Felony Battery. These are very serious charges, and an attorney should be contacted immediately.




Many states allow you to expunge, seal or otherwise "hide" or "destroy" your criminal record. Generally, if a criminal record is expunged or sealed, it's as though the crime never occurred and you can legally say (to a potential employer, for example) that you were never charged or convicted of a crime.



Murder Charges / Manslaughter

If charged with Murder and Attempted Murder your whole life is in the balance. You should have an attorney that will not leave any stone unturned or no defense unexplored. Here an attorney will relentlessly defend you and provide you with the defense that you can have faith in. We know you cannot afford any mistakes, and you will not be let down



Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases can cause lifelong issues for both parties involved. These cases should not be taken lightly. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you should contact an attorney immediately and get the help you need. 



Probation Violations

Probation Violations can be very rough on your family and friends. Although you do not have the same rights as other criminal defendants your attorney can help prevent you from doing jail time. One can violate probation in many ways. Give us a call so The Attorney Times can help. 



Bail Hearing

Individuals charged with a crime can be released on a summons or required to have a detention hearing / Bail hearing. As a result, an individual at a detention hearing will need to have an experienced attorney to fight for their freedom. Here, at The Attorney Times we have fought and won the release of those charged with murder down to drug distribution.



All financial Crimes

At The Attorney Times we handle all financial crimes:  fraud, check fraud, credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, medical fraud, corporate fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud etc. Contact us for a FREE CASE EVALUATION.



Federal Crimes

When the United States government is prosecuting you, understand that things are serious. When agents from the FBI or the DEA or ATF visit your home or your workplace, people notice. You will need an experienced attorney who specializes in defense. And more than anything else, you need someone you can trust.